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Precision Fabricating & Cleaning



Precision Fabricating & Cleaning Co., Inc,’s (PFC’s) extensive experience, partnership with our customers, and our broad capabilities make us a highly qualified and competent contractor. 

PFC has been in continuous operation at the same location since 1964. Our ISO 9001:2000 / AS9100 registered facilities are located on 10 acres of industrial properties on Florida’s Space Coast.   These facilities and our qualified personnel provide:

  • Machine Shop Capabilities: CNC Machines, Shape Cutting Equipment, Saw Station, Break and Shear Station
  • Welding:  Stick, MIG, TIG, ARC Orbital Welding
  • Cleaning & Passivating: Federal Standard 209, Class 10,000 Cleanroom, Class 10 Workstations, Pneumatic & Hydrostatic Testing, Cryogenic Testing, Ultrasonic Cleaning, Flow/Immersion Sampling, Barrier & Hermetic Packaging
  • Piping Fabrication:  Complex Skids and Panel Assemblies, Propellant, Vacuum, High Pressure Gas, Cryogenic Liquids, Breathing Air, Chilled Water, Deionized Water, Heating & Cooling Systems
  • Mobile/Field Cleaning Equipment: Particulate Analysis Microscope, Flash Evaporator, Fume Hood, Balance, Titration Equipment, GN2 Purge Equipment
  • Abrasive Blast & Paint: Airless & Conventional Spraying, Specialized Coating Systems, On-Site Abrasive Blast Facility, All Enclosed and FLDEP Permitted

PFC’s direct experience has allowed us to develop unique and specialized expertise along with the technical competence needed to satisfy a wide range of requirements.  Our client list for fabrication projects includes aerospace prime contractors, government agencies, industrial gas suppliers, food and beverage producers, automotive manufacturers, and semiconductor manufacturers.

Point of Contact:
Jason Shye
Business Development
Phone: 321.394.2813
Fax: 321.635.2020
Mobile: 321.626.6020

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