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Mincom has worked extensively with the U.S. Coast Guard Deepwater Program.  As a subcontractor to Lockheed Martin, the US Coast Guard uses Mincom’s Total Enterprise Asset Management solution as the core of their Logistics Information Management System in this long-term partnership.  The benefits for the U.S. Coast Guard are increased Operational Readiness for Homeland Defense and reduced overall costs. 

As a subcontractor to Honeywell/Caterpillar Logistics, the U.S. Marine Corps uses Mincom’s Total Enterprise Asset Management solutions for Base Operations and Management as well as maintaining the Fleet of Maritime Preposition Force ships.  Mincom developed interfaces to USMC Systems that provides Inventory, Readiness and Maintenance History.  Also as a subcontractor to Honeywell/Caterpillar, the Naval Inventory Control Point at Cherry Point uses Mincom’s Total Enterprise Asset Management solution to provide supply logistics for repair of Aircraft Auxiliary Power Units. 

Mincom brings a large depth of software experience to TEAM MLL.

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