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MacGREGOR is the global market leader in providing marine cargo flow solutions and service for ship-owners, ship operators and shipyards. The products include hatch covers, cranes, RoRo equipment, shipboard elevators and escalators, galleys, cargo securing systems and refrigeration systems.  All converted and new ships in the Sealift Programs are equipped with MacGREGOR cranes, ramps, doors, hatch covers and movable vehicle decks.  MacGREGOR is the only corporation in the world that has designed, manufactured, delivered, provisioned and serviced sealift cranes, ramps, watertight bulkhead door systems and hatch covers to the U.S. Navy for the last 20 years. 

MacGREGOR has worked as a prime for NAVSEA on a contract to design, develop, manufacture, install and test stern and side ramp systems along with the cargo cranes for 20 ships.  Contract deliverables covered modeling, complete design, software, hardware, manuals and crew training.

MacGREGOR operates in over 25 major shipping and shipbuilding countries and is constantly strengthening its local presence world-wide. The service network consists of more than 50 service stations offering 24-hour service around the globe to a fleet of 13,000 ships outfitted with MacGREGOR products.

MacGREGOR brings a depth of experience to TEAM MLL with regard to cargo flow solutions and related service.

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David Drenon
1112 Tundrah Court
Chesapeake, VA 23323

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