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LCE has worked with the U.S. Navy in several capacities.  First, by leading a team of specialized companies in developing a new concept for an electromagnetic drive system that will replace the existing hydraulic-based deck edge elevator drive system currently found onboard Navy aircraft carriers.  Second, LCE has also provided technical and logistic support services required to develop and integrate technological improvements focused on the logistic support of the maintenance processes for the U.S. Navy.

LCE personnel have provided consulting and software development support to a wide range of military customers, including FTSCPAC and SPAWAR.  LCE incorporated XML/XSL into reporting components of the message tracking program for FTSCPAC, incorporated XML into web based discrepancy tracking and monitoring systems for the Coast Guard and developed schema and style sheets for converting SPAWAR ULSSs and converted the existing NITES 2000 ULSS to the new XML format.

LCE, in concert with, and under contract to FTSC Pacific, designed and developed the FAST software program.  FAST is a common assessment process that was developed in order to allow the Navy to support all ship visits and inspections.

LCE provides curriculum development, training delivery, and consulting in support of NAVSEA’s Project Management College providing learning opportunities for Public and Private Shipyard Maintenance Project Teams, as well as an Executive Leadership Development Course for Senior NAVSEA Managers. 

As a member of TEAM MLL, LCE will provide technical, logistic and training support.

Point of Contact:
Buddy Whetzel
2011 Crystal Drive
Suite 204
Arlington, VA 22202
703.892.8585 x13

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