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Ability To Monitor And Maximize Quality

Comprehensive quality management and risk management go hand in hand. Understanding the technical, quality, and reporting requirements of SeaPort-e enables TEAM MLL to put into place an integrated approach based on a quality management system that leverages ISO 9001 repeatable processes and applicable metrics and measurement methodologies that tailor a program to your needs. Our comprehensive quality program, coupled with our risk management environment, will result in task order progress and performance visibility and mission success. Assuring delivery of high quality associated support services will be a critical aspect of the SeaPort-e program. We understand that contractor failure to apply rigorous quality standards results in delays, significant variations from cost estimates, and compromised mission capability. Quality management and standards must be applied at all levels of support under this effort.

Our quality plan for SeaPort-e will accommodate dynamic requirements, geographical distribution, and a wide variety of services with high standards. Also, TEAM MLL will hold regular Quality Assurance (QA) reviews designed to provide an environment for continuous improvement to achieve short-term and long-term SeaPort-e objectives.

MLL’s corporate quality processes provide a customer-focused culture that results in satisfying customer requirements and providing on-time, on-target professional services and solutions. MLL has established a corporate Quality Environmental Safety Security (QESS) office to initiate and manage quality initiatives and certifications across MLL and our federal contracts.  This office initiated a quality management system that is now certified to the International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001 standard. Importantly, MLL has met or exceeded ISO standards with the development of our Quality Management System (QMS). MLL’s quality assurance processes provide a planned and systematic approach to evaluating the quality of program performance and adherence to a project’s established standards, processes, and procedures.

This phased methodology enables us to note trends, effectively manage change, identify root causes of performance issues, determine appropriate actions, and facilitate performance improvement. TEAM MLL will monitor, measure, and report on performance of processes against any established SLAs and performance thresholds. Coordinated management decisions will be based upon factual data, and careful review of data trends will provide for early identification of performance-related issues and enable risk mitigation efforts to be implemented before a process or performance breakdown event occurs that could result in a quality problem.  Schedule monitoring is performed and reported so that appropriate adjustments can be made to ensure the associated program requirements are met.

Regular reporting and associated reviews will ensure that performance data is visible to SeaPort-e and utilized as input into the performance improvement process. The close monitoring and measurement of performance data and the analysis of this data through reports and reviews result in continuous performance improvements, provide enhanced customer satisfaction, and mitigate mission risk.We will utilize a web-based portal to help manage the team and facilitate open communication. This portal will be used to post reference, documents, advertise opportunities, develop reports, update status, schedule meetings, etc.

Bringing our proven quality methodologies and ISO 9001 repeatable processes to the SeaPort-e environment will create a comprehensive quality system in which SeaPort-e can have confidence that delivered systems and services meet exacting standards and that TEAM MLL will not only meet requirements but will also continuously improve services and efficiencies. Our focus is on your satisfaction.

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